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We at G S Technocrats study your operations / Technology application and usages of the resources through highly experienced Technocrats.

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We are Electrical Engineers & advise on the Energy conservation / Energy Efficiency improvements and thus advise to optimize your plant operational cost. In Today’s competitive market , Operational efficiency is the need of the hour. Industrial progress can only happen with efficient operations ,lower operational costs, low inventory cost , application of advanced technology . Resources like Air , Water, Oils , electricity are the major constituents of operations of each and every Industry / Institution / Commercial Complex / Residential building . These major elements / resources affects every human life directly / indirectly. Above utilities constitutes about 10% of your operational cost. As per studies available and experiences 30-40% of these utilities can be saved with the help of knowledge /effective use / Technology improvements

  • We design the Customized self sustainable Plant operation monitoring system.
  • We suggest The Technological upgradations if necessary to improve energy efficiency
  • We take training sessions for the working and management staff to implement Energy efficiency initiatives and energy efficient operations / avoid wastages.
  • We study the performance of plant machinery with respect to specifications.
  • We look into safety aspects of Electrical installations and advise on safety
  • For a Greenfield Project “G S Technocrats ” assumes the role of Electrical Partner of the client by preparing a Unique Comprehensive Electrical Scheme based on Plant Architectural Layout & Machinery Layout.
  • We identify & anlayse the wastages of the resources

We request you to provide us the following information about your plant, for preliminary assessment

The “WELL ENGINEERED” Electrical Power Distribution Scheme confirms to relevant Indian Standards (IS), National Building Code of India, Indian Electricity (IE) rules & regulations ensuring “HIGHEST SAFETY” to Personnel during Installation and to the Operation Personnel. Furthermore the scheme ensures elimination of breakdowns, loss of production & damage to precious machinery.

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